Work with me


Work with Me

Heather Campbell

MS, RDN, Family Feeding Expert

Founder & Owner of Glory Nutrition.

Meal Planning

Are you tired of choosing what to cook week in and week out?

Leave the planning up to me! 

I take care of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks based on your family's preferences, schedule, and budget!

That's 21 meals and daily snacks planned for you every week!

30 DAYS 

Just 49 cents per meal!

Customized Recipes with Grocery Lists & Grocery Delivery


Save $82 annually

with this 6 month package!


Best Value! 

That's just ONE Dollar a day! 

Smarter, Not Harder Meals Program 

The Smarter, Not Harder Meals Program is designed to be a complete solution for busy families looking to return to the table together. Here you'll learn the shortcuts to save time, save money, and get the kids to freakin' eat, so you can use your brain space for more important things in life. This online program includes learning modules, meal planning support, and access to a private members-only resource vault at a price that's family budget friendly. 

Speaking Engagements

As an entrepreneur, Nutrition Expert, military spouse, and mom of 3 Heather has an experience to share unlike any other. Past speaking engagements include podcast features, professional conferences, and educational workshops. Areas of expertise include family nutrition, military food insecurity, and the mental load of motherhood. In person requests should be submitted at least 30 days in advance.  

Laser Coaching

As a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Expert since 2010, Heather has experience in a variety of areas of nutrition. Laser Coaching sessions are a perfect fit for those clients not needing continued support, but who are still seeking individualized follow up.

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